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Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions outline the terms of a distribution agreement between:

Field Streaming (or “Field”), and

You (or the “artist”).

By completing the sign up form and uploading content on this website, you confirm your agreeement with the terms below.

Section 1: General Terms
1.1. Field Streaming does not and will never own any of the content submitted by artists, their representatives or labels acting on their behalf.
1.2. To “distribute the content” means to make the content submitted to Field Streaming available to end users through a website or application requiring a login. 
1.3. The artist, the label or its representative grants Field Streaming the right to distribute any submitted content for a period of one year, after which this agreement will remain valid until either parties terminates this agreement.  
1.4. The agreement can be terminated at any time after the first year by contacting info@tracksonfield.com with the subject line “Terminate”.  Field Streaming may require a period of up to twelve weeks to remove content, and the artists will receive payments for any plays up until the date the content is removed. 
1.5. Field Streaming reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement from time to time, to ensure the best value for artists and compliance with regulatory bodies.
1.6. Field Streaming reserves the right to collect and redistribute anonymized data pertaining to its users, sales agreements and music streams (including information what music is on the platform, when and where it is played).

Section 2: Royalty & Payment Terms 
2.1. The artist will receive a trimestrial report (every three months) including the number of plays for each song licensed on the platform, and the payment associated with these plays.
2.2. You will receive payment within two weeks (or ten business days) of the issuance of the trimestrial play report. Payment will be issued by cheque or Interac e-transfer, based on the artist’s preference. 
2.3. All membership money collected from Field Streaming’s client will be pooled. Field Streaming will deduct operational costs (IT, development and sales) from this amount. The monies collected from membership fees after operational costs will constitute the “Royalty Pool”. 
2.4. Payment is based on a simple formula: flat licensing payment + (pay per play rate * number of plays), wherein the definitions below apply:
2.4.1. 30% of the Royalty Pool will be divided equally amongst all artists with active content on the platform. This is known as the flat licensing payment and ensures that no artist has music featured on the platform without payment. 
2.4.2. 70% of the Royalty Pool will be divided by the total number of plays in the relevant trimester on the platform. This unit will constitute the pay per play rate.
2.4.3. The number of plays refers to how many times the clients’ (understood as the artist or label, depending on who is signing the agreement) songs have been played within the relevant trimester.
2.5. Field Streaming reserves the right to defer any royalty payments under 5$ to the next trimester or until a minimum amount of 5$ has been reached.
2.6. Field Streaming is an early stage startup currently recruiting clients and entering the marketplace. As such, the artists and its representative understand that royalty payments will steadily increase over the first payment periods, in line with Field Streaming's growth.
2.7. Field Streaming is a social enterprise concerned with maximizing local artists’ revenue. From time to time, we will engage our artists to request feedback and insights on our payment model. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the maximum amount for your music.


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