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Strengthen your client relationships with a soundtrack that speaks to them.

Get in touch now to learn how Field can help you connect with clients through the music you play while providing licensing compliance, targeted marketing content and cost reduction. 

Your background music is a marketing asset

We all know music is key to your brand, but do you have the tools to make the most of it? At Field, we're rethinking the way your music supports your business while creating new opportunities for local artists and music-makers. Our focus is on quality music, strong local brands and new marketing data to support your business.

Targeted marketing content to help you grow

We know your social media accounts and mailing lists matter - and we know how much time it takes to produce engaging and original content. Our platform provides you with high quality content that speaks to your local consumers, such as shareable playlists and newsletters built around the music you play.

Better value for your business

We're disrupting an outdated background music industry to provide better value for our two clients - businesses, and musicians. Our "digital first" approach and our focus on independent musicians and labels means that we can provide higher quality background music solutions at a significantly lower costs, while making your business fully compliant from a regulatory perspective. Just get in touch, and we'll take it from there.

Built in regulatory compliance

Did ​you know that playing music in a store, gym or business requires a paid license issued by Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) such as SOCAN? And did you know that the terms and conditions of major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music prohibit the use of these platforms in businesses? As a background music provider, we pay all required licenses and fully allow commercial use, because compliance is always better for your business.

Stand out from the competition

In today's content-driven market, average music simply doesn't cut it anymore. Your clients expect to hear new and exciting music that speaks to them, and to your brand. Our playlists are curated by pros with decades of experience in the industry, and our focus on local music helps differentiate your brand at every level.

Consume local, sell local

With a clear turn towards local-first branding in retail, food and beverage, our platform strengthens your brand in a unique way. And with strong promotional campaigns to recruit musicians, we bring artists, their friends and families into your business, creating additional opportunities at no cost. 



“We're excited to have our entire catalogue available on Field. Supporting local talent has always been our goal, and it's good to work with others who share that mission.”

Bedroomer Records has been responsible for a number of key releases over the past few years - the latest 1five1 release being another stellar example.

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