Field Talks: 1five1

Not so long ago, she was just another producer making tracks on her computer. Nowadays, Sandra – aka 1five1 – is an up and coming Toronto artist from the Bedroomer roster, with one acclaimed EP under her belt. We spoke with her about production and local support.

Bandcamp and XLR8R quickly caught on to 1five1's Bedroomer release - a favourite over at Field HQ and a frequent appearance in our playlists.

So, your first EP came out late last year…

I had been working on it for a while. A year prior to the release, I connected with Bedroomer. I had all these songs locked away on Logic Pro, and I didn’t really know what direction to go in or what I was going to do with these ideas I had. When I connected with Bedroomer, me and Eytan Tobin and Hudson who mixed and mastered figured out which ones we were most excited about. I developed them from there. It was an interesting process because a lot of it sounded very different between when I started them and the release.

The production on the EP sounds very coherent and worked, did you have any prior musical projects?

I had been learning production on my own for a while. When I was 15, I got Audacity, and from there I got Cubase. I started recording acoustically, since I played guitar first. Just looping ideas, and then recording friends, doing some post-audio stuff. I’ve had a lot of experiences that have taught me more and more but I’m still learning, Now I’m actually in school for audio, which I just started. I spent a lot of time working with other people and learning from then. And also learnt by myself, practicing until it sounds good. It’s a trial and error process.

Did going in to one specific project help you zoom into some specific technical abilities ?

Yes. For each genre I was working with, there are so many different ways technically to mix or highlight it. For my EP, I went for something housey but with sparks of acoustic recordings. During the process, I was learning like “ok if I’m gonna be working with these drums I need to make sure there’s room for these other things”. So I had to learn how to mix house music but also the different genres I wanted to include in there. It was a learning process.

While dance music revolved around vintage synths and rhodes samples in 2018, 1five1 relies heavily on her guitar background to switch up the textures - giving her music undoubtable character.

Are you happy with the sound you ended up with on this EP, or do you want to keep experimenting stylistically?

I think my mentality is always to experiment. I do like the sound I have within the EP, but I get bored easily, so naturally I’m always learning new things and wanting to add them in. We have so much freedom with the technology we have that it’s hard not to. I have access to so many sounds and different genres really that I’m able to blend without renting a studio or hiring somebody to do something. I feel like I’ll probably continue to experiment with that and see what comes out with my next project.

And do you want to keep this blend of acoustic and electronic recordings going forward ?

Definitely, mostly because I started acoustically. Working with different hardware and recording sounds on my own and throwing them in would be really ideal and I think adds some different atmospheres to the music.

To go back to the release of the EP, it got an impressive amount of attention from important music industry websites like Bandcamp or XLR8R. Were you expecting this in anyway?

Not at all. Since it was my first EP, I didn’t expect the attention, but it was really validating and nice. It was nerve-wracking putting out the first thing and seeing what people’s reaction would be.

Was being recognized a goal when you released your project?

Not really, I just wanted to get myself to the point where I could make something I was happy with and proud of. Just finish something artistically. I still don’t really have a goal, I’m just happy to be able to be creative. And I have great support from Bedroomer, it’s a very supportive group with creative people. I was expecting some attention because of my link with them but not as much as I got.

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