Field Picks: Sister Strange

On our new Field Picks feature, we take a look at old and new records from around here that you might have missed - and we help you fix that. Best of all, everything we cover is on the Field platform, so you can catch it next time you're out, or add it to your playlist during your next shift.

This week, we kick off the series with Sister Strange's self-titled record. The best part of our work here at Field (and arguably the very reason we come to work in the morning!) is coming across local talent and projects outside of our radar. And just like that, one morning, our Gmail buzzed with a certain self-titled record by Toronto-based Sister Strange.

Sister Strange is: Esther Harvey on vocals, Tyler Babcock on bass and auxiliary percussion, and

Scott Nickol on drums and auxiliary percussion and Ethan Feldman on guitar, keyboards and auxiliary percussions.

Sounds like: Dusty, soulful rock with a pronounced jazz influence and tuff bass lines. Harvey's vocals are one of the standouts of the records, confidently carrying the project from beginning to end. Bonus points for solid recording that makes the track sound live and dynamic.

Buy it on: Bandcamp, and connect with Sister Strange on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.


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