Field Picks: Scott Orr - Worried Mind

On our new Field Picks feature, we take a look at old and new records from around here that you might have missed - and we help you fix that. Best of all, everything we cover is on the Field platform, so you can catch it next time you're out, or add it to your playlist during your next shift.

Scott Orr has a lot going on. Scott runs the acclaimed Other Songs label and the excellent Other Record Labels podcast (mandatory plug: Field was featured on a special episode just a few weeks back). For gear nerds, we can't say enough about Scott's excellent Studio Tours, which take you around the province to visit famous and up and coming recording studios. Oh, and on top of all that, Scott is an accomplished recording artist with a praiseworthy catalog and a forthcoming vinyl record. See? We told you - a lot! Scott has been a key partner for Field, and his energy to lead local scenes has been an inspiration. Well, enough words - time to check out some music.

Worried Mind is: Scott Orr's latest solo project, after 2016's Everything and a slew of releases on his Other Songs imprint.

Sounds like: A solid, introspective folk record with compelling textures, rhythms and recording. Think Sufjan Stevens playing around with Hans Zimmer's synth collection.

Buy it on: Vinyl (pre-order), Bandcamp or check it out on your favourite streaming platform. The instrumental version is very much worth a listen too - check it out on Bandcamp or your usual outlet. While you're online, check out Other Songs on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


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