Field Picks: NOMVDSLVND - More Harm Than Good Part 1: Here For Now

On our new Field Picks feature, we take a look at old and new records from around here that you might have missed - and we help you fix that. Best of all, everything we cover is on the Field platform, so you can catch it next time you're out, or add it to your playlist during your next shift.

Opening with spacey piano chords and gloomy filtered vocals, More Harm Than Good Part 1: Here For Now's intent is clear from the get-go: to embark its listener on a serenading yet thought-provoking journey. Clocking in around the 25-minute mark, MHTG Part 1 is NOMVDSLVND debut EP on Toronto-based imprint Bedroomer. Through dreamy textures and sonic experimentations, this record manages to create its own musical universe with genre-bending hip-hop instrumentals, ambient pads and soothing atmospheric elements. Cuts like "Astound" or "Block" will invite you to reflect upon the simple and mesmerizing beauty of sounds surrounding us. And as a whole, this release will leave you counting down the days to MHTG second part, scheduled this spring.

MHTG Part 1 is: NOMVDSLVND debut EP on Toronto label Bedroomer.

Sounds like: An experimental take on Brainfeeder-esque hip-hop instrumentals and electronic productions.

Buy it on: Bandcamp or check it out on your favourite streaming platform. While you're online, chek out NOMVDSLVND on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow Bedroomer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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