Field + Long & McQuade

For a limited time, get a 10$ gift card to Canada's music store by uploading 5 or more songs to Field, the first platform that gets your music played in local businesses.

We're all about supporting local artists, and so are our friends at L&M. This winter, Long & McQuade is hooking you up with a 10$ gift card when you submit music to Field. Because who doesn't need an extra 1/4" cable or that new pair of headphones?

How It Works

1. Sign up for Field as an artist or label using the link above.

2. Submit your latest EP, album or release including at least 5 tracks.

3. Give us a like on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook... if you're up for it :)

4. We'll get the Long & McQuade gift card over to you within 60 days or less.

Terms and Conditions

1. You must be an Ontario-based musician or label.

2. We're giving away 100 gift cards - keep an eye on our social networks and website to see when the promotion ends!

3. We will issue cards within 60 days of your signup - or sooner.

4. You must upload a minimum of 5 tracks - whether it's an EP, an album, or a few singles.

5. We're giving away one card per artist - no cheaters! We reserve the right to withhold cards if we suspect that the same person is submitting different projects.

6. The music you submit has to be platform ready - full, finished and mixed tracks. 

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