Frequently asked questions

What's this all about?

So, you're making a platform for businesses to play local music?

Yup! We know that playing music is a big part of many local businesses' branding. We also know that local musicians currently don't benefit much - if at all - from this use of music. So we're out to turn this into an opportunity for locals in a few ways: - by getting more local music played - by paying musicians for those plays, and - by using these placements to connect local musicians with local fans.

What do I get out of it?

To keep it simple: - a whole new source of income (we don't redirect any of your traffic/fanbase) - exposure to new local fans (we connect businesses' clients with your online presence) - more plays reported to performance right organizations (we report all plays) - granular data about where your music is played (future feature) - the chance to be an early adopter in a first of its kind project

But don't these places play top 40 ?

No! Our research shows us that many businesses play a wide range of background music from ambient music to indie folk, instrumental hip hop and deep house. We're more than confident that there's enough Ontario talent to fill these playlists with local content.

And don't they use [insert streaming platform], which already pays artists?

Businesses sometimes use the same big box streaming platforms that many of us use on. However, it's little known that these platforms have detailed T&C's against use in a business setting. They also don't include required SOCAN/performance rights fees used to pay artists for commercial use of their music. Oh, and they don't have the best track record of encouraging indie artists.

My [cousin / friend / SO / connection] runs a business, can they get onboard?

We'd love to speak to anyone you know with an interest in the project! Please get in touch with us at

Who's behind this project?

Hey, I'm Henry! I've been an independent music producer for about 10 years, in which time I've put out a couple of records, gotten a bit of radio play and worked with some great people. I recently had a strange thought in the middle of a yoga class. If my neighbourhood businesses are all helping each other out and working together, why couldn't businesses play local music and helps folks like us? That's when I decided to start the Field adventure. Hope you join!

What about money?

How much do you pay?

We've developed a new payment model based on current streaming payments, with a twist. First, we collect monthly payments from all businesses using our platform and deduct our expenses - tech & sales operations - to ensure that we can keep getting your music out there. The money left over is the royalty pool. Payment to artists is based on the following formula: flat licensing payment + (pay per play rate * number of plays) The flat licensing payment is 30% of the royalty pool, redistributed to all artists with music on the platform. This way, we avoid having any artists submit music without being compensated. The pay per play rate is the remaining 70% of the royalty pool, divided by the total number of streams in one trimester. That way, we can reward you when your music gets played often. The number of plays is pretty self-explanatory - it's the number of times your tracks are played over a trimester.

Aren't stream payments too low?​

They are, and that's the very issue we're trying to tackle in several ways. We think we can pay a much higher pay per play rate (our initial calculations tell us about 8 times more) by featuring less music. This might seem counterintuitive, but the research supports our strategy: despite having massive catalogues, most streaming services only promote about 10% of music anyways. We think businesses are an ideal place to apply this strategy, since they are less demanding than individual listeners. It's also important to understand Field as a source of complementary income. Unlike other platforms, we're not trying to be your sole source of income. Our payments are meant to create yet another revenue stream, and to complement your existing income from streaming, sales and shows. We'll never redirect any of your traffic or following from your other platforms - in fact, our goal is to let businesses' clients find you on other platforms and support your music in different ways.

How often do you issue payments?​

We pay every trimester (3 months), after issuing a summary of your plays over the period. For amounts under 5$, we reserve the right to defer payments to the next period. But our goal is to pay you more! For more information, check out the T&C's our on submission page.

How do you issue payments?

By Paypal or Interac transfer, based on your choice.

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