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We're driven by a simple mission:

to create new opportunities for your music.

Join now to get your tracks on the first play local streaming app aimed at Ontario businesses, and make up to 8x more royalties per play than mainstream streaming services.

For a very limited time, you'll receive a 10$ gift card courtesy of our friends at

Long & McQuade when you submit 5 or more songs to Field*! 

A new business model for musicians

We're focusing on generating extra income and exposure by getting your music played in local businesses. Unlike other platforms, we don't require you to do promotion or post about the music you upload here. Our mission is to create new, complementary opportunities for the music you've made - whether it's demos on your hard drive or a professional release.

Local fans first

Our platform exposes you to local fans more than any other platform out there. These fans matter - they're the core that'll come to your shows, support you throughout your career and spread the word about what you're up to. For maximum effect, we'll let you select what links to promote when fans look up your music.

By artists, for artists

We're an artist run organization with a social mission: to create new opportunities for local musicians. More than profit, our focus is to create new ways to distribute music and pay musicians. As we grow, we want to make sure that artists are involved in the decisions we make, and provide feedback on what we're doing. We're always looking for folks to join our Artist Council, which includes musicians and labels interested in providing input on our strategy; but we're also happy to hear from you anytime. Just shoot us an email

More traffic on your other platforms - not less

One of our goals is to never redirect any of your traffic. This means we never want an individual listener to use our site instead of your Bandcamp, or your Facebook. That's why you'll see links to other platforms all over our site. In fact, we do the opposite by promoting your other social media pages (Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify - you choose) when businesses' customers look up your tracks.  ​

Moving the dial on performance rights

Every day, hundreds of businesses around the city play music (maybe your music!) without reporting it to performance rights organizations such as SOCAN. End user streaming platforms have made their way into businesses without any real consideration of how the industry can better support artists. By reporting to performance rights organization as a background music supplier, we make sure every play is captured properly, so you can get what's yours.

We don't own your content - ever

Our work is in distribution: getting your content played in businesses across the province. We'll never own any of your content or restrict your ability to sell or distribute the music elsewhere. And if you ever change your mind, you can remove your content from the platform from the platform at any time.



“We're excited to have our entire catalogue available on Field. Supporting local talent has always been our goal, and it's good to work with others who share that mission.”

Bedroomer Records has been responsible for a number of key releases over the past few years - the latest 1five1 release being another stellar example.

*Details of Long & McQuade offer: Promotional offer expires after the issuance of one hundred (100) gift cards. Cards will be issued within sixty days of sign up. The artist must submit an EP or set including a minimum of five (5) playable songs or tracks. A maximum of one gift card per artist, project or postal address will be issued. Field Streaming reserves the right to withhold issuance of gift cards should it suspect any fraud or duplication attempts, or should the music not match the standards of the platform (ie. the song is not complete, properly recorded or mixed). See Terms & Conditions of the Long & McQuade promotional offer for details.

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