Do more with your music.

Field is a streaming platform full of local music your customers will love

(oh, and you'll help directly support your local music scene & industry).

From dance floor to dense lyrics, see what's new in Ontario independent music on the Field Blog:


Ontario labels & artists have contributed 598 tracks to Field recently:


Field is a streaming platform built to help local creatives & businesses work together.

Between streaming & online music stores, music distribution is complex - and doesn't always support everyone in equal ways.

At Field, we want to help you do more with your music without creating extra work or competing with other platforms you're on.

Instead, we're focused on a simple task - to connect businesses with local musicians and offer soundtracks that speak to consumers.

Learn more about what Field can do for you as a business, an artist or a record label.

We've always been a little different.

What else can you expect from a team of musicians-turned-innovators?

No one remembers average stuff anyways.

Field is Legit

Did you know that using mainstream music streaming apps in a business breaks T&C's, puts businesses at risk of lawsuits, and takes away significant opportunities from local musicians? 

As a licensed SOCAN background music supplier, we protect businesses & create stronger opportunities for local musicians.

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